Gary (norightturn) wrote,

Reading Challenge, Book 5

Star Trek: Miasma, Greg Cox.

Hardly counts; more a diversion than literature, but comforting and familiar, like Grandma's mashed potatoes. In this one, Spock's blood is the only defense for a stranded away team on a foggy world full of giant, carnivorous leeches. Unlike Michener's Alska, mentioned in the last post, picking at this one during the occasional free moment between (or during other books) was no great challenge. There's no complex narrative thread to lose hold of...

Speaking of Alaska, I was surprised by the arrival of Star Trek: Elusive Salvation, a hot-off-the-presses forgotten pre-order. Set in the Arctic Circle c. 1845, San Francisco c. 2283 and New York c. 1970, it, too, was a purchase made when our own Artic adventure was imminent. That part of its appeal no longer applies, of course. But I do like my mashed potatoes....
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