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One Day, One Post!

My friend took a cue, and now I'm taking hers.  I don't have much to say so I'll just give a rundown of my day.

Arrived at work early today, in anticipation of staff who might have allotted too much extra travel time and got stuck shivering outside of the building.  Did not walk - though the new mayor seems to have the streets taken care of, for a pedestrian commuter like me, it's the sidewalks that are a problem.  And the trains weren't awful, despite the dire prognostications.  The R came, as always, and while the 7 swayed some, it got me to where I needed to go.  (I also walked to work yesterday, not because of weather, but due to the inordinate burden of pounds and pounds of references and other resources received during an off-site training last Friday, before I went on break, that I was transporting to the office).  It's very quiet so far - our one actual teaching-related obligation was cancelled - so I did some shoveling until maintenance crews arrived.

Lorry is home with the baby...DOE cancelled school early this morning, to the delight of many employees who spent an anxious night awaiting the news (and to the consternation of many parents, I imagine).  A funny tweet from the new first family resulted from a potentially embarrassing public exchange between son Dante and his friends...supposedly he replied "I'll ask my dad" in response to a question about school closures (there are already obvious implications being strewn about, and it'll be interesting to see this administration unfolds, the first in a long time - ever?- with a child of the chief executive attending one of the City's public schools...certainly there's no precedent for for one in which a mayor's son had such readily available access to the public and who, in turn, could so readily scrutinize him through the same cyber lens.).  Anyway, his mother posted a photo of a shovel with the caption, "What Dante will be doing tomorrow if school is cancelled."  (Two tangential thoughts: I wonder what the Sanitation commissioner, a temporary hold-over from Bloomberg, must be feeling.  He's the fall guy if anything goes wrong in the storm response, but knows he only has a job because a new appointment hasn't been made.  And, still no word on the Parks commish.)

TJ is home right now...his new rotation is markedly less stressful than the last, in the ICU.  Seems there's little to do in surgery unless and actual surgery is happening.  He had an unprecedented string of days off over the holiday, happily coinciding with mine, and only has afternoon obligations today  -  which he may not even go to, depending on road conditions later on.  We were debating a visit to his grandmother's on the Shore this weekend, but realized we signed up for tickets to an "inaugural open house" at Gracie Mansion this Sunday.  He may go on without me and return in time for the event, or I might just go on my own.

Ran across this article over my morning coffee and it made me grateful that I thought to bring my book to read during what will surely be a slow day:  Hangsaman, by Shirley Jackson (recently released by Penguin Classics).  It's very good so far and I highly recommend it.  (Thanks to Erin P. for letting me onto her Amazon Prime account, and allowing me to cash in on all that free shipping.)  In addition to devoting more time to immersive reading, I'm also resolving this year to rekindle friendships (the honeymoon is over), and to stick with the digital sabbaths I've occasionally experimented with (the goal is no Internet from Friday night to Saturday night).  

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